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Samsung Gear Sport review


Samsung recently announced their new health-centric smart watch called the Samsung Gear Sport. With a multitude of features built around a smart watch, the device does seem like a jack-of-all-trades. Here we take a brief peek into the device.

Hardware and Software of the Samsung Gear Sport

The smart watch has a round face, which is finished with shiny chrome. However, it is quite heavy for a smart watch, especially when compared to other smart watches like the Fitbit Ionic and the Garmin Vivoactive 3. The strap that comes with the Gear Sport is a blue strap that looks pretty cheap. On the plus side, it can be easily swapped with any 20 mm band that fits your taste. When used with the original band, the watch is water resistant to a depth of fifty meters.

The device runs Tizen OS and makes use of a rotatable bezel to navigate the OS. It is extremely easy and natural to use. The display is a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display, with a resolution of 360 x 360. The OS supports many useful apps like Uber and Spotify. It further has thousands of other apps you can make use of.

Main features on the Samsung Gear Sport

A key feature that is not available in competitor devices is the ability to input your calories using the watch instead of a smartphone. It also has the other basic features like tracking runs using the GPS and getting a read on your heartbeat. Furthermore, it can automatically detect workouts like running, cycling and elliptical activity after you have been working out for more than 10 minutes. It can also store up to 4 GB of music and supports Samsung Pay. However, this only supports NFC and not magnetic swipe transmissions which is possible with the phones.

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