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These wireless earbuds last 30 hours and are 40% off


There are few things more annoying than your wireless headphones dying right after you leave the house. Most headphones just aren’t made for on-the-go music buffs, so they’re only built to last a few hours before they crap out on you. If you want headphones you can rely on that you won’t have to constantly recharge, consider getting a pair of Ascape Audio Ascend-1 Truly Wireless Earbuds while they’re on sale right now.

Here’s the problem: no one remembers to recharge Bluetooth earbuds. Unlike Airpods, which only last for 4-5 hours, Ascape earbuds guarantee 30 hours of playtime before you need to charge them. If you’re running a marathon, they won’t leave you hanging at mile 17. If you’re flying to Dubai, they’re providing the tunes from takeoff to landing. How’s that for commitment?

The Ascend-1’s custom drivers are built with 2090 graphene-enhance microfilm diaphragms for better sound quality, plus they’re super comfy and match the natural curve of your ear canal, so you’ll never want to take them out.

Normally, the Ascape Audio Ascend-1 Truly Wireless Earbuds will run you almost $150. But, thankfully, it’s the post-holiday shopping season so you can snag these for just $89.95. You’re not going to find them for 40% off anywhere else, and they won’t last long.

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