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iPhone X and Pixel 2 camera features hit your Android phone today


The latest version of the Google camera app remixed for non-Pixel smartphones includes the Pixel 2 Portrait Mode. This mode taps into the smarts of your phone’s processor and your phone’s image processing unit to capture the subject matter and blur all else. This portrait mode works very similar to the newest version of the iOS portrait mode for iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

More than one piece of the Google camera app have been found to improve the photos of both old smartphones with new software and new smartphones with lower-end specs. This app does not work on every single phone, but with each update, its range extends.

This version of the app includes several of the new app features like Face Retouching and Motion Photos – which most users might never touch. The Portrait Mode in this app is one to pay attention to. In this mode is every terrible photographer’s latest chance to be a tiny bit better – or to fake their way into the “oh that’s neat” photo history books!

This mode takes a moment to get a grasp on what it is you’d like to focus on. It then snaps a photo with the same finesse you’d normally have with the camera app, and it begins processing. Once complete, the background of your image will be out of focus while your subject matter will be right up front and center, focused as heck. The resulting photo will look top-notch, if photographed skillfully, and just Decent if photographed terribly.

For reasons that aren’t particularly important, the Portrait Mode part of this app only works with Android Oreo devices. For everyone else, there’s this AndroidFileHost link. You can also head down to XDA Developers forum to get more information on the app and its development. This app was modified and enhanced by Arnova8G2 for all your smartphones to take advantage of – thanks, creator!

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