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How to use your Tablet or iPad as a Second Monitor

Utilize your tablet or iPad as an extra display by following simple steps...


Its always good to have an extra screen to serve as a second monitor. You can always use the alternate screen to see your messages, emails and reminders, while you are busy working on your main monitor. A while ago, we had to invest money in purchasing another monitor screen to serve as an extra display. However, now the things have changed.

Now you can use your old tablet or iPad as an alternate screen, alongside your main screen. The process is not completely free but it doesn’t cost much either. Lets us walk you through the simple steps that will turn your tablet or iPad into a second monitor.


Install Air Display for iPad and  Air Display 2 for android tablet, to add a Second Monitor to your Computer

Air Display is the best method to turn your extra screen into a monitor. The application is equally compatible with Windows and iMac. However, if your extra screen is an iPad, you need to install ‘Air Display’. For an android tablet, you’ll install ‘Air Display 2’ (which is a version of Air Display that supports android).

For installation:

  1. Go to Download and Install ‘Air Display’ on your computer.
  2. Install Air Display app from the application store of your iPad or tablet. You’ll need to make an application purchase here.
  3. Launch Air Display on your iPad or tablet and click on ‘Connect’ button on your main monitor screen/computer.

And your’re done!

Air Display App

The Air Display eliminates the need to connect the devices through wire as the WiFi system will allow you to connect the devices. Though, it’ll still if you wish to connect the devices through wires. You’ll still be able to use the second screen (i.e. iPad or tablet) using it’s built in touch technology.

Air Display allows you to connect up to 4 screens, if you require to extend the extra display. It’s certainly a worthwhile option to explore and utilize all those old screens that you’re no longer using.


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