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How to transfer your Contact List from iPhone to Android

Easy to follow steps for transferring your contacts list from iPhone to android phone


We all get new mobile phones every now and then. And why not? Having so much variety and innovation in technology is simply irresistible. Most of the gadget lovers end up in purchasing new phone to try out the out of the box features that the latest smartphone has to offer. However, one of the major task after purchasing a new phone is to transfer your contact list from old phone to your new phone. Its no joke and certainly, this is something that you cannot achieve manually. The task becomes even more difficult when you are making a transition from iPhone to android. So, today we are sharing some hassle free steps that you can follow to transfer contacts from iPhone to android phone.


Sync with Google Account

To be able to use an android phone, you’ll need a google account. If you need to create a google ID, follow below steps:

  • Go to Gmail Home page.
  • Click on ‘Create Account’ button.
    • The website will take you to the account creation form. Fill out all the details and select an ID and password.
  • You’ll get you a confirmation message on screen.
Steps to perform on your iPhone

Once the ID is created, perform below steps on your iPhone:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Contacts’ > ‘Accounts’ > ‘Add Account’
  • Select ‘Google’.
    • iPhone will ask you to enter google or gmail ID and password.
  • Next, iPhone will show a message to confirm the details that you wish to sync with your google account.
    • Select the ‘Contacts’.

After following these steps, you’ve successfully synced your iPhone contacts with google.


Steps to perform on your android phone

Use the same Google ID in which you’ve synced the iPhone contacts for setting up your android phone.

The sync may take long if you have a big contact list, but rest assured it’ll be done.

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