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Track your Car using your Smartphone

The latest low cost method for tracking your precious belongings with your Smartphone


Smartphone is getting really ‘Smart’ day by day. It has already replaced many things that we deemed as essentials in past. Formal organizers, notes, Walkman, gaming consoles are just some of the many items that we used to have as necessities in past, but now all of them have been replaced by the artificially intelligent applications installed on our smartphones.

Another latest facility that that smartphones is now offering us, is to help us find our lost items. Sounds interesting? Let us see how..


TrackR is a low cost tracker. You can attach this coin sized tracker to anything. Be it your car, purse, keys or even your pet collar; you can literally attached the small sized TrackR to anything that is valuable to you.

Track R

This small device connects to your smartphone through the TrackR application easily available on the application store and subsequently help you locate your lost item. Both the iPhone and android phone supports the TrackR application.

TrackR device just costs around $29 and there are no monthly charges. So, its the best alternative to the expensive GPS system.Once you have purchased the TrackR device, it hardly takes 5 minutes to connect your TrackR device to your mobile phone application. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

Track pets

Steps to install TrackR application on your smartphone
  1. Install the application from the application store.
  2. Turn on the bluetooth (for locating purposes, you’ll need to keep your smartphone’s bluetooth on at all the times).
  3. Click ‘Ok’ to the permission request.
  4. Application will itself locate the TrackR device. You’ll just need to follow the on-screen prompts.

Not only this, in case you’ve lost any item that had a TrackR device attached to it, there is a TrackR Crowd Locate facility that will help you find it. When any another person with the TrackR app comes within 100 ft range of your lost item, you will receive a location update of where your item is. Consequently, you’ll be able to track down your lost item.




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