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Top 3 Advanced Android Calculators


It’s hard to imagine life without calculators. Sometimes we need to get instant results. Even if you are a mathematics champion, you cannot carry out difficult calculations on your finger tips.Although, the simple version of calculator is available in all the android phones, we sometimes need advanced calculators for complex calculations. While we now have several free android calculators available in application store to aid us in advanced calculations, you might find out that not all the applications are accurate. So, we’ve compiled below list of the best android calculators available on the android store that you can rely on.

1- Log and Antilog Calculator

You no longer need to refer to the log and anti log tables to find the result. This application is developed by HIOX Softwares Pvt Ltd. You can vouch on this application to find the logs and anti logs. Moreover, the results produced by this application are accurate and reliable.

Log and antilog

You can access this application at: Log and Antilog Calculator

2- EMI Calculator

This application calculates the equated monthly installments for your home, car or any other loans. It even lets you check if you are eligible for getting loan.You can even SMS/email the EMI results using the EMI calculator app.

In addition, EMI Calculator allows you to create different loan profiles and computes EMI with statistics according to months or years.
Bank-Loan-EMI-Calculator-apps-for-AndroidThis application can be accessed at EMI Calculator

3- Percentage Calculator

Whether you want to calculate simple or compound percentage, this application will help you out. In addition,you can find out markup, profit margin, sales tax calculation, VAT, discount computation using this android app.

Furthermore, you can even convert fractions into percentage with the help of percentage calculator.

For trying out this helpful application, click on: Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator

Hope you find everyday computing very easy after downloading these android calculators.


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