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How to automatically add Events in your iPhone Calendar

Now your iPhone is smart enough to help you update your calendar!


Lately, the calendars in our smartphones have been playing a vital role in making us keep our daily appointments. Undoubtedly, these calendars have become an excellent alternate to the diaries that we used to write our schedules in past. After all, we had to open our diaries each day to see which appointments do we need to take care of on the following day. The automatic pop up features of the calendars are an excellent way to keep up our appointments. However, the story doesn’t end here! The iPhone calendar has made it even easier to manage the upcoming events as you don’t even need to manually open your calendar to add events.

The iPhone calendar has now got an amazing feature where it can automatically detect if you have received any event details on email or messages. Yes, you heard it right! It’s now intelligent enough to identify an event out of your messages. Once the iPhone detects that there an appointment, meeting invitation or an upcoming event; a pop up message appears on your screen. The pop up seeks your confirmation to add the event in your calendar. You can approve it after adding details (if you wish to) and it’s done.

How to enable the automatic detection of events in iPhone Calendar

The process of allowing your iPhone to detect the events in your messages and events is very similar. Here are the steps that you need to follow, in order to enable the feature.

  • First, open the Settings
  • Next, go to the Calendar.
  • At the bottom of the Calendar options, you’ll find a feature labeled as ‘Events Found in Apps’.
    • Swipe your finger to enable the feature.

If at any time, you wish to disable the calendar recording feature, simply disable it with the swap of your finger by following the similar steps.

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