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Astro A10 review

An entry level gaming headset from the company


There is an abundance of expensive headsets but options for a budget gamer are quite low. Astro tries to offer a solution by delivering a no nonsense gaming headset in the form of the Astro A10. It does not have any gimmicks or tricks to it, but at $59 you get your hands on a solid option.

Design of the Astro A10

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The design isn’t flashy like its pricier brothers but is simple and minimalistic. The metal headband is covered with rubber with iconic rectangular cans on the ends. the headband is cushioned so is the cans. it also feels plenty durable. Without a lot of moving parts or flimsy style elements in play, it has a firm, solid build, while the flexible band ensures that it can take a little bit of abuse without cracking in half.

The microphone looks much similar to the Astro A20. It is pretty generic but comes with one cool feature. It has flip to mute. Once you fold it up, the mic stops listening. It is pretty handy. The headset is wired and comes with a 3.5mm jack. This means you can use with virtually any console and PC.

Performance of the Astro A10

The gaming headset keeps things simple. While most of Astro’s high end products have 7.1 surround sound, the A10 comes with only stereo sound. However, it is still impressive. You can expect crisp and clear sound while gaming. The 40mm drivers provide balanced audio for other purposes too. These include watching a movie or listening to music. The flip to mute on the microphone works as advertised and did not give issues at any point. The audio output never gets muddled, even at loud volumes, which is a welcome and rare feature in gaming headsets in this price range.


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