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Tips to Master Google Keep


Google Keep has launched only a few years ago but it has quickly evolved from being a basic note taking app to a fully fledged app with a ton of features. This is a great app for anyone embedded in the Google ecosystem. Here we take a look at the best features and how you can take advantage of them.

Use tags and note colours in your Google Keep

If you use one note taking app, sooner or later you are going to have a lot of notes. This will leave everything cluttered and in a mess. Google Keep has the feature that allows you to create tags. You can assign a note to a tag and categorize them by the tags. Another great feature to keep things organized is the ability to colour code the notes within Keep, with six different colours to choose from. This allows you to easily glance at the app to find what you need.

Use Location-based Reminders

Google Keep allows you to set reminders based on your location. For an instance, if you need a reminder to buy milk at a store, you can set that store as the location. The next time you arrive at that location, the reminder will pop up.

google keep

Include people in your notes

You can easily share your notes with another person so nobody is left behind. There should be a small + sign at the top of a note. Clicking this will bring up your contacts and you can choose whom to share it with. The other person can add details to the note too.

Copy your Google Keep notes to Google Docs

If your notes expand into more than just a scribble you can export them to Google Docs for editing options. This will allow a bit more fine-tuned control and a bit more formatting features.


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