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Top features of the Essential Phone

Andy Rubin’s new phone is stunning!


The Essential Phone has just released. It has been one of the most anticipated devices in 2017. There are many features on the phone that make it a delight to use and some features that make the phone stand out from the competition. Let’s take a look at them!

Build Quality of the Essential Phone

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The Essential Phone comes with a unique design. It blends a glossy ceramic design with titanium. The ceramic is at the back and as expected it is quite a fingerprint magnet. An advantage of it is that the device is extremely durable.Essential Phone


Display of the Essential Phone

The phone has a display with an aspect ratio of 19:10. It has a bezel free design with a 85% screen to body ratio. This is the highest ratio in all smartphones right now. The screen is most likely IPS, but it has not been confirmed yet. The most eye-catching feature is the little contour at the top of the screen which houses the front facing camera and is essentially a little bit of a dip into the notification area. It’s a really nice look that differentiates this phone from any other out there.


The front facing camera isn’t the only camera that stands out in the Essential phone, as the rear dual camera also aims to offer a flagship experience. It infuses an RGB sensor with a monochrome sensor. This enables the device to get the most detail out of a picture. Most other phones like the S8 apply a black and white filter to achieve this. The camera is a 13 MP sensor but the camera app is very basic and lacks a manual mode. Of course there are many third party apps one can use to do this. The camera quality was sub par but a quick software update was released to rectify it.

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