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How to recover deleted files in your Android Phone

You've mistakenly deleted an important file? No problem, just follow this blog to recover it.


Usually we don’t track the available space in our smartphone’s memory while taking pictures or downloading music. This is okay but sometimes it does create a problem. All of sudden, when we really want to take a picture or record a video, we get a popup informing us that there is no space left in our android phone.

What is our natural reaction to this alert message? We quickly try to find the unnecessary files, delete and make up some memory to take the picture. In our haste, sometimes we end up deleting some important pictures, videos, songs and other files. The file is already gone before we realize our mistake.

Luckily, android has now got us covered on that front. We no longer have to worry about the deleted files because we restore them very easily. So, without any further delay, let me share the details of an app that you can install to recover files in your android phone.

Install ‘Dumpster’ to recover deleted files


It is a free application that is available on the google store and it helps to recover deleted files. The free and premium versions works almost the same, except for the fact that the free version shows advertisements.

Dumpster works the same as ‘Recycle Bin’ in Windows. Every file that you delete in your android first goes to the Dumpster. So, if you accidentally delete any important picture, video, song or any other file, you simply go the Dumpster, select the file and ‘Recover’ it.

You’ll be able to find the file back in its original location after recovery. One point worth mentioning here is that Dumpster can’t recover the files that you lost before you installed this application in your smartphone. However, it’ll flawlessly work for the files that you’ll delete after Dumpster’s installation.

So, install Dumpster today to save yourself from regrets tomorrow.

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