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How to Free up Internal Storage Space in android phones

Great tips to quickly make up some space in internal storage of your android phone


Since the last decade, much of our life revolves around the smartphones that we hold in our palms. We no longer use mobile phones for calls or SMS, only. The smartphones these days are even helping us maintaining our schedules, staying connected to the social media, taking pictures, listening to the music etc.  However, the excessive use of the smartphone for every single task does take a toll over its internal storage. And when this happens, we experience an excessively slow speed of operations in our phone. Not only this, we are served with pop up reminders by our smartphone that it is now time to free up some internal space for smooth operations.

So today, we’ll be sharing some quick and great tips to quickly make some space on your android phone.

Ideas to make space in Internal Storage of  Android Phone
Clear the Cache:

Perhaps the simplest thing to do. Clear your cache whenever your android phone is experiencing low internal storage. Here’s how

  • Go to Settings > Storage > Application Manager > Apps
  • Now select the application that you wish to clear the cache of and touch ‘Clear Cache’.


Use Cloud Storage:

Using Cloud storage is an excellent way of freeing up space in your android phone. You can set up the cloud storage by going in Settings. You can easily make the backup of all your important files, pictures, music and videos in the cloud storage. After backing the files up you can simply delete the files from your phone to free up space.

Move files to External Storage:

If you have an SD card installed on your smartphone, make an efficient use of it. You must save all your files, including the contact numbers, on your SD card. External storage is a great way to take the weight of extra data off the internal storage.

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